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Its very simple.

The Ultimate Downline Builder is FREE
And Our Goal Is To Help You Make Money Online

And when you join you agree that you are joining because you want to be part of a team that works together to help every member create multiple income streams working with FREE and inexpensive programs.

Please do NOT join if you are not serious about making money with multiple income streams.

There is NO SPONSORING OR RECRUITING required to make money with the step programs
we work with in UDB and after you join the STEP 1 program we will put your username in our
rotator and we will advertise your link for you to help you get signups in UDB, but as you progress with UDB you MUST be willing to follow instructions and join the suggested
programs before your personally referred downline IF you want us to help build your
downlines so you can make money.

If you do not join the first step program within 10 days of joining UDB,
your UDB position will be removed.

You MUST join each step program before your downline or your downline WILL pass you up
and you will not get paid for the members who join before you or have them under you in the step programs they join before you.

When you first join The Ultimate Downline Builder you might not have any members under you right away, so we suggest that you click on the downline builder link in your back office and join some of the FREE money making programs so that they can help you earn part of the 10 dollars for the step 1 program before you have to join

Some members who join UDB will see that they have an instant downline because they joined into an open position that already had a downline because the previous member didn't follow the UDB system, And some of these positions might even come with some personally referred members because of OUR advertising.

These downlines are REAL MEMBERS and they are there to help show you how a matrix program works but they will not follow into the suggested step programs under you. Only your personally referred will follow into the suggested programs under you or be removed from UDB.

ALL members MUST join the step 1 program within 10 days to keep their UDB position.

* Remember, We will be advertising your UDB position in our rotator after you join the step 1 program and upgrade. ( 10 Dollars one time ) Steps 2 and 3 are optional but it is up to you to make sure that you join the steps BEFORE your downline or your downline WILL pass you up and be above you or in a different part of the program if you wait to long to join.

We will build your downline in UDB, but it is up to you to make sure that you join the step programs before your downlines so that your downlines CAN follow you. If you do not join the steps you will not make any money.

As we have said several times, there is NO SPONSORING OR RECRUITING required to earn MONEY with the first step program but those who do advertise their UDB in approved advertising places ( Safelists, Text Ad Exchanges and Traffic Exchanges ONLY ) and get signups who follow the steps will earn a LOT more because the first step program offers extra referrers commissions and if you are a member of the step programs and personally refer new members into UDB you will also be their sponsor in the step programs and earn the referrers bonuses IF they follow you.

And This COULD Put A LOT More Money In Your Pocket.

Its EASY to get signups in UDB because there are TONS of people who are looking for a GREAT downline builder club that will help them make money online, and we offer phone and gmail chat coaching to show you how
we use safelists to get 2 - 20 signups a day for our UDB team. Contact customer service for more details.

How UDB Works
There are currently 3 steps in the UDB system.

Our step 1 program is MY VIRAL ADVERTISER
You MUST join this first program within 10 days of being notified
or you will lose your position in the Ultimate Downline Builder.

Then as your downline builds in UDB your personally referred will follow you into the My Viral Advertiser program and you can make money from those who upgrade.

You MUST upgrade in the My Viral Advertiser program ( 10 Dollars 1 time ) to be added to UDB advertising rotator for personal signups.

Then as members join under you in UDB they must also join the STEP 1 or they will be removed from UDB and be replaced by people who WANT to make money with the UDB system.

Its That Simple - Join And Pay 10 Dollars ONE TIME

Then as your referrals follow you into the MY VIRAL ADVERTISER you should begin joining the other step programs so that they can follow you in everything.


Our Step 2 Program Is SAFELIST BUILDER
The Safelist Builder is a totally FREE downline builder club and is for those who are SERIOUS about learning how to advertise and build their own lists online.

Step 2 is optional and UDB members do not have to join this program to retain their UDB position.

* Remember, People who make a LOT of money online know how to work online and this is what UDB is all about - Helping people learn how to earn online.

You will find the link for Safelist Builder on the "Downline Builder" page in the UDB back office after you join UDB.

Its That Easy
And we will even help you by recruiting every day to help get more members under you.

Our Step 3 program is ELITE DOWNLINE BUILDER
And the Elite Downline Builder is TOTALLY FREE
But is only for members who are ready to make MORE money faster.

And just like the UDB was designed to help members make money with one time pay programs,
the Elite Downline Builder was designed for members who want to make a GREAT RELIABLE RESIDUAL INCOME with multiple programs.

And just like with program 2, If you are a paid member of step 1 we suggest that you join the Elite Downline Builder right away after you join the step 1 and 2 from your UDB back office so that your UDB downline can follow you.

And don't forget - We build your downline but we also offer FREE one on one coaching if you want to learn how to use FREE online advertising sites to build
your UDB or other favorite programs faster.

Call ( 760 ) 868 - 0945 For More Information.