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F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions )

Question: How much does it cost to join The Ultimate Downline Builder?
Answer: Nothing, it's free to join.

Question: Do I earn money as a member of Ultimate Downline Builder?
Answer: No, Ultimate Downline Builder does not pay out any commissions because there is no charge to be a member, But you can earn money from the step programs that you will be joining and any earning will be paid to you by those programs, NOT the Ultimate Downline Builder.

Question: I am already a member of one or more of the step programs, Why do I have to join again.
Answer: All members join the step programs in the same order as in the Ultimate Downline Builder. It does not matter how many other positions you have in the other programs you MUST join the selected program when you receive the notice to join or you will lose your Ultimate Downline Builder position and all the members in your Ultimate Downline Builders downline.

Question: What happens to the vacated positions that I see in my downline?
Answer: A vacated position happens when someone has asked to be removed or hasn't joined a step program when they were sent a notice to join or if they canceled their subscription in one of the step programs.

Vacated positions are filled by the next person who is personally referred by you or your upline.

Question: Do I have to recruit people into Ultimate Downline Builder?
Answer: No, but if you don't recruit you MUST be patient because you will be depending on your uplines to do all the work for you.

Remember, This is NOT a get rich quick system. - The Ultimate Downline Builder was designed to help people LEARN how to make money with multiple income streams and teamwork and if you are relying on your upline or sponsor to do ALL the work for you it will take longer.

Question: How do I help build my team?
Answer: In your Ultimate Downline Builder back office you will see a link that says "How To Advertise UDB". click that link and scroll down till you see the 3 links for the suggested safelists, text ad exchanges, and traffic exchanges that you can use to advertise your UDB site.

Question: Can I take the FREE Trial in the step programs?
Answer: YES, You are welcome to join the step programs using the free trial if it is available and we even suggest doing this in some cases.

Question:I just joined and I see that I have a LOT of people already in my downline - How did this happen?
Answer: If you have just joined and you already have a downline, this means that you have taken over a position that was vacated by another member and you have inherited that downline and any personal referrals that were there before.

Question: I just joined and already I'm getting notices that I have to join the step programs - WHY ?
Answer: You are receiving these notices because you inherited a good position and you have enough people under you to join the step programs.

Question: My question is not listed here. How can I get an answer to my question?
Answer: Click the [Contact Us] button on the menu above and send us your question.
                  We will respond as soon as possible.